Jeff DeGraff Presents

Leading Innovation

How to jump start your organization's growth engine

1:00 - 4:00 P.M.

Grand Rapids Art Museum

101 Monroe Center St NW

Grand Rapids, MI 49503


Create organizational cultures conducive to creativity and collaboration


Implement the risk-taking traits and habits that foster innovation


Leverage your current processes to find new growth opportunities

Join Jeff DeGraff, the “Dean of Innovation”

The organizations at the top are the ones that reshape our world and reimagine what we think we know. Jeff DeGraff—world-renowned thought leader, executive, innovation guru, author, and Professor of Management and Organizations at the U of M’s Ross School of Business—will do precisely that. He will transform the way you think about growth and alter your mindset toward change. For those who want to do something new or creative, Jeff offers practical, tangible steps to make it happen.

Learn how to:

  • create organizational cultures conducive to creativity and collaboration
  • implement traits and habits that foster innovation
  • leverage current processes and systems to find growth opportunities
  • champion a risk taking-culture to better innovate

About Jeff DeGraff

Jeff has advised many of the world’s leading corporations, and his clientele list reads as a “who’s who” of the business world—Eaton, American Airlines, Coca-Cola, Microsoft, General Electric, Prudential, and Pfizer. He is co-author of several books including Creativity at Work, Leading Innovation, Competing Values Leadership, Making Stone Soup, and The Innovation Code. His PBS program Innovation You introduces his ideas about innovation to viewers across America. He writes a syndicated column for Fortune, Psychology Today, and the Huffington Post. Learn more at

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