Cybersecurity Tips from the Secret Service at Switch Pyramid

Cybersecurity Tips from the Secret Service at Switch Pyramid

Join Us for a Tour of Switch’s Pyramid Campus

Switch’s Pyramid Campus holds the largest and most advanced data center in the Northeast United States. On Thursday January 16, members of EO Grand Rapids can tour the 1.8million sq. foot facility for free with some of the most experienced cybersecurity experts in the Secret Service.

The Pyramid facility not only plays host to the largest data center in the northeast, but also run completely on renewable energy. Access to this 100% green power facility will be available at 3pm on January 16th, with a tour of the campus followed by a talk on cybersecurity from the Secret Service experts.

Learn From Secret Service Experts

EO Grand Rapids will be joined by Steve McMahon and Jane Spetoskey of the Secret Service. They will discuss some of the cybersecurity tips and tricks they learned in their cumulative 36 years in the Secret Service. Drawing on their years of experience protecting the most valuable Americans, they will help you protect yourself, along with your business.

From simple tips like using a passphrase over a password, to more complicated data protection, Steve and Jane will spend three hours with our entrepreneurs, making sure our cybersecurity standards are up to date.

Why Cybersecurity Matters

Even in 2019, cybersecurity is still overlooked by businesses everywhere. Events like the Equifax data breach continue to stress just how important it is to be able to protect data. While your business probably doesn’t host the data of 143 million Americans, your customers and employees will still expect your data to be secure.

Even if your business does not host data as a primary function, you probably take in consumer data in one form or another. In an age of everything being online, protecting that data becomes of the utmost importance. Knowing the steps you can take to keep your business safe can be the difference between a happy customer and an angry one. Join us on January 16th at Switch Pyramid for 3 hours of information on how to do just this and gain an entrepreneurial edge.

This event is free to members and potential members of EO. 

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