Grand Rapids’ Mayor Rosalynn Bliss Sits Down with EO Grand Rapids

Grand Rapids’ Mayor Rosalynn Bliss Sits Down with EO Grand Rapids

This past February, a select few members of EO Grand Rapids had the opportunity to sit down with Mayor Rosalynn Bliss for an annual luncheon. During the luncheon, Mayor Bliss shared the many initiatives that are currently underway for Grand Rapids as well as her owl goals for the future. Members and sponsors alike were able to learn a lot about the direction of the city and how their businesses could grow alongside it.

Mayor Bliss also yielded the floor to EO Grand Rapids attendees so that she could learn more about what the city of Grand Rapids could be doing for their businesses. Each member was given the chance to share about themselves and their business as well as any struggles that they currently faced. Mayor Bliss was very receptive and agreed to meet with a few of the members after the luncheon to discuss their concerns even more in-depth.

At the end of the luncheon, all of the members who attended left with an even better understanding of Grand Rapids and an increasingly optimistic outlook on the direction that the city is headed.

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Photos by: Bird + Bird Studio