The Coach Who Never Punts

The Coach Who Never Punts

The Pulaski Academy Bruins of Little Rock, Arkansas have an unorthodox approach to playing the game of football thanks to contrarian high school coach, Kevin Kelley. They never — under any circumstance — punt the football. They always onside kick. Their unconventional philosophy and strategy has resulted in a style of football all their own. It’s what Coach Kelley calls “a different brand of football.”

It takes a special kind of coach to deal with the criticism that comes with the decision to shake things up and change the way things are done. Football coaches, like many business leaders, are shackled to convention, held back by the belief that losing traditionally is safer than trying to win radically.

Coach Kelley and the entire Pulaski Academy football team aren’t slaves to the status quo. They buck conventional wisdom to win football games. Since taking the head coaching position 12 years ago, Coach Kelley has led the Bruins to 5 state titles in 6 championship game appearances, with a 152-24-1 record.

Below is a video discussing Coach Kelley’s no punting philosophy and the fascinating statistics to back it up:

What can Coach Kelley teach us about leadership? Be a little crazy. Do things differently. Win with radical ideas. Never punt.